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1994 Sculpture Group show Paul Sergeant Gallery Maui Hawaii

1995 Monolith, 3m x 1.5m x 1.5 m (9ft x 4.5ft x 4.5ft), Cyber Cafe "Apostrophe" Heidelberg Germany

1997 Anne Sacks, West 16th St. New York NY

1998 Fulbari Hotel Pokhara Nepal; sculpture

1998 “Bambuddha” Architectural Designs entire nightclub including; carved murals, steel sculptural chandelier Sta. Elaria, Ibiza Spain

1998 Bamboo, 5 m x 2.5 m ( 9 ft x 4.5 ft ), Private Residence, Los Angeles USA

1998 Lord Earl of Warwick, Warwick England, and Perth Australia

1998 “Paranoid Dolphin” World Wildlife Foundation Washington DC

1998 Antik Batik Paris France Paintings, batiks, sculpture

1999 Palms, , 4m x 2.5m ( 12 ft x 7.5 ft) stone relief, Namutu Island Resort, Fiji

1999 “Dolphins" 6 m x 2 m ( 18 ft x 4 ft ), Private residence, Ibiza, Spain

2000 Group show Biasa Gallery Bali Indonesia

2000 “Interiors” Dr. Chris Gentile Miami Beach FlA

2000 Group Show Diaspora Gallery Miami Fla

2001 Group Show’ “New Artists” Gaya Galley Ubud 4 sculptures, steel ,stone and wood

2001 Group Show; SOBEE Gallery Miami Fla.

2001 Triptych. 2.4 m x 7.4 m, 3 carved stone reliefs; Private Residence, Alton Road Miami,

2002 Art Singapore; one of four artists chosen to represent Bali Internationally at Art Singapore along with noted artists Made Wianta, Phillipo Scasia, and Peter Ditmar.

2002 Deco restoration Project Alton Road Miami 3 stone reliefs site specific, 3 Paintings 2 sculptures

2002 Achim Residence Malta commissioned 4 large paintings

2002 Included in Collection Gaya Gallery, Ubud Bali

2002 Represented in Bali Biannual

2002 Deco restoration Project Alton Road Miami 3 murals site specific, 2 Paintings 2 sculptures

2003 June, Solo Exhibition “Alchemy of Asia” 12 paintings and 5 sculptures Gaya Fusion Gallery, Ubud Bali

2003 Grapevine, 140 cm x 180 cm, Chick on a Mission Show, Amsterdam Holland

2003 Universal Pacific Hotel Universal Studios Orlando FlA. 6 large Murals (6meters x 4.5 meters each) and group sculpture

2004 GHD Building Cairns Australia Relief carved Mural Lobby, paintings in all lobbies

2004 Nine large canvases GHD building, Cairns Australia

2005 “Bamboo” Collection Ross Franklin Architecture, Bali Indonesia

2005 Bali Biannual represented, “Butterflys and Bombers” Gaya Gallery, Ubud Bali

2006 Kamalaya Gallery Solo show “recent Works on Canvas”

2006 Group Show “Black and White” Franklin Lee Gallery Bali Indonesia

2006 Solo Show; “Recent Works” Franklin Lee Gallery Bali Indonesia Dec.

2006 “Turbulence”; Dr. Anthony Dawson Melbourne Australia

2006 Ann Tyler Gallery; Solo Show Santa Barbara Cal.

2007 Cape Hiti Hotel Cyprus; 51 ft X 10 ft site specific sculpture, “Anahatta” and 27ft x 9ft relief carved mural, 4 stone sculptures stone, “Whispers”

2007 Curates show, “Journey of the Sadhu” installation/performance Jacques Liberman Gallery Mercer st. Soho, NY, NY

2007 Oracle Gallery, group show “Water/Love”

2008 “Birth of Adam” 5.5 meter drawing and subsequent stone relief carving commissioned by Architect Andreas Mikallos


1980 Leaves New York School of Visual Arts to study Painting and Martial arts in Japan

1987 Paintings for basis of hand painted fabric forms “Amaryllis Fashions” from New York City loft, clients include over 1000 boutiques and major department stores in USA, Caribbean and Europe

1990 Forms “Pablo Designs” designing jewelry in silver collections of Giorgio Armani, Milan, Lowes, Barcelona, Sacks 5th Ave. Bloomingdales, New York

1991 Designs Studio complex in Bali encompassing painting and sculpture studios and galleries, computer graphics department still functions as main studio.

1992 creates stone carved murals for Architect Ross Franklin; Villa Kubu Bali Indonesia

1994 creates designs and establishes relief carving methods for the Fulbari Hotel in Pokhara Nepal thus saving a dying art and recreating commissions of 14th century Sculptures under commission of Nepal Royal family. Thesis presented for Guggenheim Foundation fellowship by Royal Family of Nepal.

1994 Sculpture Group show Paul Sergeant Gallery Maui Hawaii

1995 Monolith, 3m x 1.5m x 1.5 m ( 9ft x 4.5ft x 4.5ft ), Cyber Cafe "Apostrophe" Heidelberg Germany

1995 working with fashion Designer Gaberilla Cortese on collections of painted batiks for Antik Batik of Paris. Future
collections produced based on paintings in Shanghai, New Delhi, and Indonesia

Commissioned by Great Britain’s Lord Earl of Warwick to produce a series of paintings for his residence in Bali

1999 Commissioned to do 2 murals in stone for the Nemutu Island Resort in Fiji

1999 Designs and builds Bambuddha for client in Ibiza Spain, over 8000 pieces are built, numbered and taken apart, shipped to Spain and rebuilt. Project includes sculptures and steel pieces.

2000 Establishes Silicon Jungle for computer graphics produces 3d animations and short films as well as designs over 50 websites. Designs interface for University of Miami online High School as art director of virtual Sage
Designs interface for James Madison online High School.
Designs and builds 5 Villa complex in Bali for French/ Saudi Sheik Mohamad Rezza and Patricia Darmonde, of Paris France . Includes Paintings and architectural design, artwork in terrazzo and relief carvings.
Sponsored by the Gaya Gallery of Milan and Bali, work begins on coffee table book, “Gentile” an overview of the last decade’s work sponsored by Gaya Gallery.

2001 Commissioned by the Achims of Zurich to paint a series of paintings for their Piazza restoration in Malta

2002 Restores Deco House on Alton road in South Beqch Miami, includes 3 carved stone reliefs4 paintings and 2 sculptures,
exhibits in Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami and participates in group show at Sobee Gallery in Miami

2003 Commissioned by Universal pacific studios to create series of monumental stone carved murals for Royal Pacific Hotel Orlando Florida for Universal Studios. Commission totals to over 1000 square feet of carved stone, and 9 freestanding sculptures.

2003-2007 Painting and sculpture shown extensively in galleries and commissioned by clients in USA, Thailand, Europe, Australia, and Asia (as listed above).

2007 Commissioned by the Cape Kiti Resort of Kiti Cyprus to do 27 ft x 9 ft. stone carved mural, a 15ft x 9 ft painting for the lobby and a serried of 4 7 ft figurative sculptures, and the 51ft x 10 ft freestanding sculpture “Anahatta”
Project is currently still in progress.


In the past few years a lot of local and international press have written things about Mr. Gentile, and various aspects of his work. For a selection of these articles you are invited to visit the press section of this web site

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